Indeed, I'm very boring and fatigue as well..
It's been many days I didn't update my blog.
I can't believe that I  had donated my blood in no time.
still, I remember the day, 3 july 2010.

Be frank, I scared. Nevertheless, it's just a little bit pain.

 After donating, I got a certificate and milo as well as biscuits.
After a minute or two, I went to timesquare with boson friend. Before watching movie, we went to "express soup"  for our brunch. Without further ago, we ordered soup and spagetti as well, eating it swiftly. We back home after the movie finished.

The UEC is already being count down.
However, I haven't start reviewing my homework.
This plight really make me in agony >.<
I will use my unbeatable effort to fight with the adversity!!!
wish me. 


blood, donate!!!

"Needle is dangerous", the adage accredited by miss Tan SookSan. Generally, donate blood seems to be a doomsday to most of us, to a certain extent.

I am not an exception as well.
Nevertheless, I decided, donate my blood.
Be frank, I'm indeed scare and excitement as well.
I am waiting, with bated breath, for tomorow.However, I can't even imagine it.
That, for me, is really ........
haha, don't know how to explain it well.
I greatly desire can immune to pain.
The blood will go out from my body at a glance, either 450ml or 350ml.yerr.
Dear, seize the golden opportunity. It will be the best experience for you, I guess.

Keeping my fingers crossed hoping the doctor would not perfunctorily in the time. God bless.
See you tomorow^^