blood, donate!!!

"Needle is dangerous", the adage accredited by miss Tan SookSan. Generally, donate blood seems to be a doomsday to most of us, to a certain extent.

I am not an exception as well.
Nevertheless, I decided, donate my blood.
Be frank, I'm indeed scare and excitement as well.
I am waiting, with bated breath, for tomorow.However, I can't even imagine it.
That, for me, is really ........
haha, don't know how to explain it well.
I greatly desire can immune to pain.
The blood will go out from my body at a glance, either 450ml or 350ml.yerr.
Dear, seize the golden opportunity. It will be the best experience for you, I guess.

Keeping my fingers crossed hoping the doctor would not perfunctorily in the time. God bless.
See you tomorow^^