ESB Fan, Secret Recipe's cakes and picturesque scenery as well

New post again.
A normal day, went to school, cleaning around the school.
I paid attention in class, indeed.
After finishing the class, I went to LowYatPlaza with my dear sis for EBS Fan.
Nevertheless, it drizzled.
The plight really made me in agony.
Thanks won, your umbrella.
Finally, bought a ESB Fan which worth my 15 dollar.
Before heading back home, we went to secret recipe for our brunch.
a slice of mango delight & a cup of tea
a Slice of new york cheese & a cup of coffee
It really scrumptious
Well, it is indeed mouth-watering.  
We finished it in no time, going to kitschen, a fashion shop.
Dear, attention!!!
there have a sale waiting for you.
10%    20%   30%   50%   70%......wowowowo..
It is really cheap, I guess.

After that, we back home in no time.

A breathtakingly scenery
the photo taken by me

I like it, indeed.
My clothes and air conditioning as well as the background.