ENGLISH, really hard

Today, it drizzled.
It's been many days I didn't update my blog.
Be frank, I'm lazy to write all of this.
However, I should have studied harder in English.

Having the tuition class at morning, all of the pretty phrases taught by mons wasn't engraved in my mind. That, to me, is indeed hard. I'm afraid, it is a very thin line between the best and the worst. Being hardworking is the one of way to improve my English skill, I guessed.
I will put an unending effort to heal my English.
Dear, keep your finger cross and bless me as well. Hoping my English skill will be improved someday in the future.

Before practising dance, we went to zhichong there for our brunch. The cuisine food was indeed mouth-watering. It is very scrumptious!! Really.
Fried rice, mango sago and wutaogou as well, both my favourites.Still, it engraved in my mind. I wanted to order a cup of mango sago. Yet, I didn't as there was no one mango staying on.

I'm really fatigue.
good night.