ESB Fan, Secret Recipe's cakes and picturesque scenery as well

New post again.
A normal day, went to school, cleaning around the school.
I paid attention in class, indeed.
After finishing the class, I went to LowYatPlaza with my dear sis for EBS Fan.
Nevertheless, it drizzled.
The plight really made me in agony.
Thanks won, your umbrella.
Finally, bought a ESB Fan which worth my 15 dollar.
Before heading back home, we went to secret recipe for our brunch.
a slice of mango delight & a cup of tea
a Slice of new york cheese & a cup of coffee
It really scrumptious
Well, it is indeed mouth-watering.  
We finished it in no time, going to kitschen, a fashion shop.
Dear, attention!!!
there have a sale waiting for you.
10%    20%   30%   50%   70%......wowowowo..
It is really cheap, I guess.

After that, we back home in no time.

A breathtakingly scenery
the photo taken by me

I like it, indeed.
My clothes and air conditioning as well as the background.




Evening, spooky stillness was in the air, it looks as though it would rain. As if in reply to my thought, down came the rain. Nevertheless, there was no rainbow appearing around the sky. I indeed disappointment. 
I back home and do my homework in no time. Yet, I never finished my homework. Approximately 8pm, I watched television programs. Lazy again. San, please buoy up your rationale to fight with the coming adversity, you can't be the loser!! Mr.Lazy, go out from my sight.
Still, the memories of Penang trip is engraved in my mind. How much I wish have a trip again someday in the future. Dears, please plan a trip hastily, I'm waiting. hoho~

my homework is still waiting for me..

All of the chaos is still settling.
I'm fatigue, indeed.
You are not an exception as well, I guess.

My unbeatable effort, buoy me up!!!


ENGLISH, really hard

Today, it drizzled.
It's been many days I didn't update my blog.
Be frank, I'm lazy to write all of this.
However, I should have studied harder in English.

Having the tuition class at morning, all of the pretty phrases taught by mons wasn't engraved in my mind. That, to me, is indeed hard. I'm afraid, it is a very thin line between the best and the worst. Being hardworking is the one of way to improve my English skill, I guessed.
I will put an unending effort to heal my English.
Dear, keep your finger cross and bless me as well. Hoping my English skill will be improved someday in the future.

Before practising dance, we went to zhichong there for our brunch. The cuisine food was indeed mouth-watering. It is very scrumptious!! Really.
Fried rice, mango sago and wutaogou as well, both my favourites.Still, it engraved in my mind. I wanted to order a cup of mango sago. Yet, I didn't as there was no one mango staying on.

I'm really fatigue.
good night.


STOP! all of this

"Joining in with a smile, ending up with disappointment"

Day1 and day2 as well as day3
she talk with us in the baffled volume
we felt heartache from lack of caring
this incident would going on for a long time, I guessed.

We will become immune to her in no time.
Emotional scars ang psychologically trauma will left on us.
This, we know.

Please, stop it.


penang trip

Just get back from Penang.
It is very picturesque and breathtakingly scenery.
I cant explain it with any word.
Tasting all the gourmet foods around there, mozhi and chaoguitiu as well as oajen.
There are very scrumptious.

The seaside trip is the most unforgettable experience to me.
We took a bus, waiting the moment of reach.
However, the bus driver never told us during the reach time.
Thus, we took a bus again without any psychologically.
We were waiting, with bated breath, for the seaside.
Finally, we reached.
Running beside on the beach, with smiling.

Still, it engraved in my mind.
Bye, my PENANG trip.


go and sleep

Tomorrow is my first day trip.
I am waiting, with excited, for the trip.

baggage, okay.
Me, okay.



to sleep


A Wish

without further ado, I want write a blog, explaining my day.
I came back from society's camp, having a lunch with friend.
I ordered a hot chocolate.
After a minute or two, I came leisure mall, waiting my mum.
However, MyFm has a function on there.
A star sang a few song and the DJs ushered people to take the gift.
I saw a man taking photo, he is the blog's writer, I guessed.
I was waiting, with bated breath, for him.
Nevertheless, he never saw me on the time, ending up with disappointment.
Still, it engraved in my mind.

Keeping my fingers crossed hoping he would remember me in the future.



随意 任何事都可以很随意
然而随意的 把它给吃完..
或许 是
不过 充实的生活比较适合我

他 好久好久 都还没有上载新的网志
幽默中 却带点惆怅
看到结尾 都会不经意的微笑 后而深思
我想 我开始暗恋他了
暗恋 他 任何一篇网志



my lover

It drizzled.

I stayed at home and watch some blog.
however, there are not have a cup of tea beside me.

I like tea, the best even better is mcdonald's tea.
I drink tea while everything was rather chaotic.

I failed the test.
I should have studied harder.
now, drink a tea will buoy up my rational to fight with the coming adversity.

"excuse me, a cup of tea please."