Evening, spooky stillness was in the air, it looks as though it would rain. As if in reply to my thought, down came the rain. Nevertheless, there was no rainbow appearing around the sky. I indeed disappointment. 
I back home and do my homework in no time. Yet, I never finished my homework. Approximately 8pm, I watched television programs. Lazy again. San, please buoy up your rationale to fight with the coming adversity, you can't be the loser!! Mr.Lazy, go out from my sight.
Still, the memories of Penang trip is engraved in my mind. How much I wish have a trip again someday in the future. Dears, please plan a trip hastily, I'm waiting. hoho~

my homework is still waiting for me..

All of the chaos is still settling.
I'm fatigue, indeed.
You are not an exception as well, I guess.

My unbeatable effort, buoy me up!!!